Reynolds Baldwin, President

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Reynolds has been a fixture in development and construction in the Nashville market for more than 15 years.  Over this span of time, he has seeded numerous opportunities and started several businesses.  Rising to the top of all his ventures was the market space of metal stud framing, exterior and interior, sheathing and specialty drywall.  From small tenant improvements to multi story ground up buildings, Reynolds has established Copperhead Inc as one of the premiere companies in Mid Tennessee.  As a founding board member, Reynolds has partnered with many other subcontractors to form a Tennessee chapter of the American Subcontractors Association here in Nashville.  This group works together to be a voice dedicated to improving the business environment in the construction industry. When it comes to kicking back, look for Reynolds on his tractor out in the fields of Maury County.

Brian Barnett, Vice President  

Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN (OHSA 30, First Aid, CPR)

Brian is the powerhouse when it comes to project management.  From structural consulting to ensuring efficiencies, Brian brings to the table over 20 years of experience in project management, estimating and job oversight.  Growing up in Murfreesboro made MTSU a natural part in Brian’s education and eventual move into the Nashville construction marketspace.  When time allows, Brian can be found hiking the many trails or paddling his kayak on one of our many rivers of Tennessee.  

Deana Hite, Controller  

Hometown: Douglasville, GA (First Aid, CPR)

Our solar system revolves around this lady.  With an affinity for challenge resolution, Deana provides the heartbeat of the company. She provides oversight for all financials and functions as the controller. Steeped in office management, Deana has been key in normalizing operations for Copperhead’s current and future growth.  And Deana is our office Jeep enthusiast. If you see a black, jacked up Jeep with a copperhead on the side, that would be Deana and her husband out having fun!

Ciara Bennett, Receptionist

Hometown: Douglasville, GA (First Aid, CPR)

Ciara brings her creative talents and perspective to Copperhead Inc developing and managing our web presence. Steeped in customer service, she brings a fresh perspective to operations of the office.  She loves spending time with family and spending time at home with her husband and their puppy. 

Dylan Darnulc, Project Manager

Hometown: Baldwin, NY

Dylan’s family has deep roots in construction. Dylan began his career (as a young teen) alongside his father in residential remodeling. After years of framing and drywall experience, Dylan graduated into Project Management. First in residential and then transitioning to commercial construction, he has leveraged those early splinters and busted thumbs with a hammer to cuts from metal and pierced thumbs from screw guns. Dylan graduated from Stony Brook University, New York and soon after moved to Nashville. In his spare time. With his first summer in Nashville, he finds himself missing the snow. Becoming a Southerner, Dylan gets to pick when he wants to shovel snow as opposed to having to clear the driveway before going to work.

Edward Sorrentino, Project Manager

Hometown: Lake Grove, NY

Ed cut his teeth in construction from a young age, working in both residential and commercial settings. He attended The Pennsylvania State University for undergraduate and completed his MBA at Long Island University. Before joining the team, he worked in high-end residential construction in NYC and the Hamptons, functioning as a Project Manager as well as Operations Manager. Ed is now a proud Tennessean, who enjoys spending weekends with his family and their family dog, Winston.

Charner Fuernes, Senior Foreman  

Hometown:  Dickson, TN (OSHA30, Lift/Lull, First Aid, CPR)

Specializing in ground up and heavy metal build outs, Charner has been integrally involved in the past 20 years of the Nashville construction boom.  Known for his hands-on approach, his foresight ensures it is done the right way and ahead of schedule.  His experience and knowledge are second to none on large scale projects.  Charner will get it done.  From remodeling to building furniture, Charner enjoys most kicking back with his children and dogs.

Jason Pryor, Foreman  

Hometown: North Andover, MA (OSHA30, Lift/Lull, First Aid, CPR)

Jason is a former financial specialist at TD America and operations manager in landscape management.  His business acumen lends itself to the vast variety of inventory and materials management.  Jason, a graduate of U Mass, applies his business experience by looking ahead to identify and resolve issues before they occur.  He prefers driving our biggest truck and anything else which poses a challenge.  In his personal time, he finds relaxation in soccer with his children, hiking and hanging out on the beach.

Kevin Kreis, Foreman

Hometown: San Fernando, CA (First aid, CPR ,Lift/Lull Cert)

Kevin comes to Copperhead by way of California and Michigan.  With workplace safety being a priority, he compliments our team with 30+ years of construction experience where many were spent overseeing safety and protection. Kevin, with too many safety certifications to list, compliments of growing list of experience in Copperhead’s growth. He will continue to leverage the metal stud framing for our expansion in ground up buildings in and around Nashville. Spare time? He enjoys marksmanship, billiards and playing hoops with he and his wife’s three children, Interesting fact about Kevin: he has experience in digging precious minerals!

Raul Frias, Carpenters 

Hometown: Nashville, TN (First Aid, CPR)

Raul comes to us by way of TCAT with credentialing in carpentry. As a student of the renown Kenton Pledger, he was quick to put his training, skills and creativity to work.

Spare time? Raul enjoys cutting his five acres of grass, marksmanship and real estate.

Rene Frias, Carpenters

Hometown: Nashville, TN (First Aid, CPR)

Yes, Raul’s twin brother.  Maybe we’ll call it a package deal. Rene too completed carpentry training at TCAT. Often working side by side with his brother, he has tackled all jobs with skill and enthusiasm.

And in his spare time, Rene enjoys marksmanship with his brother along with trucks of all size.

Uncle Doug, Field Management  

Hometown: Scott Depot, WV (OHSA 30, First Aid, CPR)

Known around here as Uncle Doug, after attending Marshall University, he spent a career in business management before moving to Nashville. Overseeing operations from end to end, he focuses on field development and productivity.  When not at work, you will find Uncle Doug cruising in his old Chevy or working with his children building furniture for their homes.

Dixie Baldwin, Dog Mascot  

Hometown: Springhill, TN

Having completed obedience 1st in her class in November 2019, she has set her sights looking forward to an advanced degree. She plays a major role in the office and at home providing safety and security. Dixie loves sweet treats and drinks lots of water. When not at the office you will find her at the nearest park or rolling around in the grass after a long rainy day.

Gibson Bennett, Mascot in Training

Hometown: Elmwood, TN

Gibson began his career at 8 weeks of age and provides an endless supply of doggie hugs and kisses. He loves to chew on sticks and play with his favorite light rope toy. His role in the office is greeting people when they come to the door resulting in a smile on everyone's face. If you’re ever looking for Gibson and unable find him, he is probably under someone’s desk sleeping or begging for treats.